I am of the opinion that relationships, once reaching a certain should take on its SEXUAL form…HEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM! In this day N’ time one has to play the waiting game before SEX can be enjoyed in all of its glory. As of late, it has become somewhat burdensome to deal with the fact that as I enter on the SEXUAL playground that I have to break the mood AND get a condom. Now I do NOT hate condoms, I just hate the fact that I have to wear one in a time that is NOT casual. This bothers me to NO end because this means that HIV~AIDS is holding the cards. IT SEEMS AS IF THIS PARASITIC DISEASE JUST LIE IN WAIT FOR PERSONS LIKE MYSELF! I wish that I could pretend for a moment that I do NOT have to consider it and enjoy my monogamous relationship without worry OR fear. I never thought I would find someone that I wanted to be with for the rest of my life, but now that I have…MAYBE HIV~AIDS IS THE ROOT OF MY SURREALISTICE DREAM, SOMETHING I WANTED SO MUCH THAT HAS COME TO FRUITION. Now being slapped in face by REALITY is REAL and I wonder if somehow things will level off with this disease. Gay men certainly aren’t the cause of HIV~AIDS and definitely aren’t the only ones spreading it. SO BEING IS SAME~SEX~RELATIONSHIP THAT IS HIV~AIDS FREE, I WONDER WHY WE HAVE TO F&CK & LOOK OVER OUR SHOULDERS? WHO GAVE HIV~AIDS THE RIGHT TO BE THE OTHER ENTITY THAT IS APART OF OUR RELATIONSHIP? WELL I DO HATE YOU & YOU ARE WINNING…FOR NOW! HOWEVER, THE TIDES WILL TURN & I WILL BE THE ONE LAUGHING…LAUGHING AS MY D!CK N’ ASS GOES PLACES THAT DO NOT CONCERN YOU! SO AS TIME GOES ON & I SIT BY THE CLOCK WAITING YOU I MUST THANK YOU IN ALL OF THIS BECAUSE YOU HAVE MADE ME REALIZE THAT THERE ARE MEN OUT THERE WORTH THE WAIT…WELL ONE MAN IN PARTICULAR.

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