Punks is
a 2001 film produced by Babyface, directed by Patrik-Ian Polk and
starring Rockmond DunbarSeth GilliamRenoly SantiagoJazzmun,
and Dwight Ewell.

The film follows the trials and
tribulations of a group of gay African American friends.
While black gay life is explored in the film,
universal aspects of friendship plays at the plot’s forefront. The film’s
themes were later used for the 2005 LOGO cable
television series Noah’s Arc.


This film Patrik-Ian Polk’s first film, is an extremely fun and
realistic look at a segment of the population that continually gets neglected
by the media (film, television, etc).
The humor is specific which might make this movie hard to catch for some. I saw
it the other day for the first time and enjoyed myself.

A classic fairy-tale story with a to-die-for ending, possibility
the fantasy for just about anyone breathing. The movie explores complex issues,
placed in a comedic context. The costumes for the “Sistas”: fabulous.
Rockmond Dunbar: flawless. Seth Gilliam: fantastic. Everyone should see the
movie for the pure experience. Did I mention, Rockmond Dunbar?

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