Two men embark on an unconventional romance in Todd Verow’s sexy Parisian-set drama. Claude finds a young man passed out in the street and, taking pity on him, decides to take him to his apartment to safely sleep. Awakening the next morning, the sexy stranger soon makes a play for his forty-something host, kick-starting a passionate romance. But will the chance meeting develop into more than just lust or will the pair’s differences drive them apart? Brad realizes that Claude doesn’t know who he is and he can be himself. Claude’s best friend Catherine is very happy with this development. She wants best for Claude. All this while Brad has been successful to keep his identity secret. But when a surprise birthday party is hosted by Catherine for Claude, his friends recognize who Brad is and Brad runs away. He messages Claude about his reality and how only with Claude, he was able to be himself. He loved him but unfortunately he cannot see him again. 6 months later he returns to Paris for promotion of his film and meets Claude again. Their awkwardness is very apparent because Claude has tried his best to move on by now. Clearing all unpleasantness, they sleep together and be with each other. Brad has to leave the next day to go back to US. Will he, won’t he?


An accomplished, serious and very modern gay romance.

An interesting truly bi-lingual film made by an American director, this film does manage to keep you absorbed till the end. It might not excite you too much but at the same time, it does succeed in keeping you absorbed throughout, just to see what is going to happen next.

This film was a serious gay romance, but how I wish the production values were a little more accomplished. I think Claude’s choice of actor was apt but Brad just did not fit his role of a famous Hollywood movie star trying to hide his identity. His acting also could have been better. The film’s production just feels a little too rushed and some editing choices make the film feel like a student production, which feels little too rough to be a stylistic choice. I really enjoyed the bi-language nature of the film. The mix of British and French is an interesting and greatly appreciated mix. However, looking passed the technical issues, it is not a bad movie at all.

Bad Boy Street is time pass and you wont be bored for sure.

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  1. Xersex says:

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  2. LORD PATRICK says:

    Sounds like an interesting film! I enjoyed “WEEKEND” when it was around!


  3. behrmark says:

    I agree with Lord Patrick – looks interesting. And they're both attractive! I'll be on the look out for it.


  4. yeah I am 397 I am K. Andrew Carey


  5. if you can't find it let me know and I will send you the link where you can download and watch it


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