The Internet has brought the entire world in arms reach. It is the best tool to find information on everything you want. There aren’t many things that you cannot find on the web. And with the ever-changing view on sexuality and eroticism it is no surprise that this subject has been among the first to be fully explored on the Internet. In all its facets. The Internet has presented us sexuality in a way books could never have done. It has also divided the population in two: exhibitionists and voyeurs. Though the line between the two is vague.

Our digital era has opened doors for many to express their deepest passions and fantasies. Photographers who once could only dream of shooting and displaying artistic nudes are now able to do all that. And more. Models who never thought of posing naked are more willingly to bare it all. And more. The Internet has offered a window in which nothing is impossible.

We’ve often wondered what drives a young man to bare it all – and more – in front of a camera. Is it the kick to exhibit yourself, knowing that those photos will be seen by thousands of admirers of male beauty? Is it something that wasn’t anticipated but just happened in the heat of the action? Whatever the reason, we – and I dare to say you – are not complaining. It is like peeping through a keyhole, looking at those hot men in all their glory. Secret exhibitionists and secret voyeurs. We all play a part in this game of sexuality.

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  1. And also, there are those among us, myself included, who simply enjoy the freedom – finally – of being able to share, publicly, pictures of ourselves bare! Love and naked hugs, buddy!


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