Does there come a point when a gay man should stop doing certain things? 

You know like decreasing the number of nude photos on Facebook, clubbing every weekend and a whole host of other things we deem fun & exciting.

Do you think there comes a time when a gay man is too old to partake in certain things? 

@ what age should a gay man give up on the excessive partying, bed hopping and all the other things we gay men do that some might frown on? 

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  1. J white says:

    What is consider age wise that is too old. I feel long as you got a nice looking body and you look good do what you do to make you happy.


  2. Derrick Seay says:

    Stop at right age of 30 I have nice body too I got to be classy with it and all parry stop at 24 years old in relationship to relationship I try settle down at young age


  3. John Reddick says:

    Believe me your body will let you know as you age.


  4. Anonymous says:

    stop whenever you feel time is right. I stopped goin to clubs in my 40s but still looked like I was in my 30s. It varies person to person. I haven't stopped collecting nudes on here yet. Don't know when i'm gon stop that..lol


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