A 7-year-old boy is taking a strong stand against North Carolina’s lawmakers in support of his best friend who is transgender.

Last month, North Carolina passed an extremely transphobic bill which may effectively bar all transgender persons from using public bathrooms according to their gender identity.

The news shook the whole nation, enraged millions, and multiple major global corporations such as IBM, Apple and PayPal have subsequently come out to condemn the North Carolina government.

Last week, hundreds of protestors gathered the state governor Pat McCrory’s mansion and sang their rendition of a famous Beatles song, ‘Let Us Pee.’
In a separate protest that took place in the city of Wilmington, dozens stood at the high-traffic junction of 4600 Oleander Drive, and held colourful signboards and waved rainbow flags.
One of the protestors rallying in the midst was 7-year-old McCartney Cadenas, who was taking a stand alongside his 5-year-old sister as well as his parents.

And before any hater tries to jump in and rain on the parade, MacCartney isn’t forced to attend the rally. In fact, he’s the one who asked his mother to bring him there.

Writing on Facebook page, Have A Gay Day, Janna, mother of the two young protesters explained why the family is joining the fight for the rights of the transgender community:

‘This is my son in the picture. His name is McCartney, he is 7 years old. He asked me to take him to this rally because his best friend is transgender and for her privacy and age, she was not able to attend.
‘My son is a beautiful, kind and intelligent soul. He was fully aware of why he was there this day and not only did he know what his sign said, he knew which song it references and can tell you every word of that song and just about any other Beatles song you can throw at him for that matter.

‘That’s his dog in the picture behind him. HIS name is Rigby, after the Beatles song. He’s our newest rescue and he was proud to be mistaken for a girl all day while my Daughter Starkey Jude was mistaken for a boy. She didn’t mind either and knew why she was there as well, she’s 5.

‘Guess I got pretty lucky to get the amazing, loving, accepting children I was blessed with. Oh, and they are both vegetarians and go to animal rights protests too. I’m pretty sure I’m winning at Momming these 2 amazing humans.

‘If you doubt that feel free to ask them their opinions, they will definitely tell you.’

Way to go! A family who loves The Beatles and supports human rights?

We definitely need more families like this who strives to promote love, acceptance and equality.


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  1. Fit Studs says:

    Agreed, this has to multiply ASAP!- Fit Studs


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