At a certain point in a gay man’s sexual journey, he must again dive into pure passion, pleasure, and raw desire for his man, giving himself fully to him as a gift, even if it means that he doesn’t have a orgasms, or that he orgasms before he can.
Sexual intimacy is more than orgasm, and withholding desire to improve masculine performance is stealing a large portion of his sexual satisfaction from him.
Both may be pleasantly surprised by the possibility that once he gives himself fully to him, that he will not ejaculate prematurely, an he will end up even more satisfied and orgasmic through their experience together.

He may also find that he can enter into an orgasmic state of his own that rolls along with his, making it an experience that reaches multiple peaks and valleys together, deepening their shared intimacy even further.

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  1. Very well put, my blogging brother. An excellent summary of the rewards of truly giving into one's desires. Thank you! Love and naked hugs!


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