Imagine you meet this guy; you both get along well, you start seeing each other often and going on dates. But there is one thing bothering you: there is a big age gap between you. You are in your early 20s and he is much older. Should/would you stop seeing him?

Would a gap in life experience deter you from turning a frozen romance into the hot food bar?

Would the different in ages affect your dating life?

Why or why not?

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  1. renudepride says:

    I think it depends on the two men involved. For some, there maybe no problem. For others, every little situation becomes a major issue. Naked hugs!


  2. garysblog925 says:

    It would not be an issue for me. I have meet young guys that knew what they wanted and older guys that acted like they were 19. I have no problem dating a younger guy because I believe that age is a number and as long as the two people in the relationship do not have a problem with it, then that is all that matters.


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