A US model and community activist has seen one of his tweets go viral in the last two days.

Baltimore-based Shahem McLaurin posted two images to Twitter with his boyfriend, Quincy.

In one of the images, Quincy gives him a peck on the cheek. There are love hearts around their heads. The simple message accompanying the photos said, ‘I can’t wait to marry this boy.’

The simple tweet has been re-tweeted over 17,000 times, liked over 100,000 times, and prompted over 900 comments.

Many commentators were complimentary and praised the men as a ‘beautiful couple.’

‘I usually hate seeing shit like this on my TL and by shit like this, I mean couples that are in love coz I’m single but yall so damn cute together, you can’t help but like this,’ said @The_Zee100.

Some men posted photos of themselves with their own partners.

Negative reactions to two men in love

However, many others questioned the relationship.

‘So who will be the husband?’ asked @xvnthe.

Comments soon took a more negative turn. ‘The worlds [sic] really ending,’ tweeted @officialahmed_1.

Shit like this lets me know the end of the world is near, Earth must be destroyed and rebuilt, ain’t no coming back for humanity,’ said @Van_Coop.

Despite the negative comments, most of those sharing and commentating appear to approve of the men.

Or as @sopranohsnap expressed it: ‘This is beautiful and you don’t deserve this backlash. I’m sorry straight people can’t learn the ancient art of minding their own business ugh’

And Shahem’s boyfriend’s reaction? He simply retweeted and said ‘Hurry up damnit’

Shahem McLaurin: Baltimore star

Shahem is CEO and founder of a new non-profit, the Baltimore Star Project. The initiative is looking to raise funds for underserved youth in the Baltimore area. You can read more about why he launched it here. He’s tweeted that he hopes the interest in his Twitter will inspire some people to donate to the cause.

Although the initial tweet has prompted many negative comments, the boys are not giving in to the haters. Today Shahem posted several more affectionate images, with a simple message.

‘People still in my mentions telling me to kill myself and go to hell just for posting pictures of me and my boyfriend, but I’m a little busy. Here’s a thread of my favorite pictures of us. Feel free to RT and piss a homophobe off.’

GSN has reached out to the Shahem and Quincy for comment.


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  1. renudepride says:

    Homophobia is alive and well in the new year! Naked hugs!


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