10373723_1510511495877568_7177702201473604518_nAss-to-mouth, ATM or A2M, is that your thing? In porn we often see a guy suck a dick that had just been in his ass. It may be common in porn, but what about in real life? How many among you guys have already tried ATM? If you have not done it yet, have you thought of or have you ever considered doing it?

They say the appeal of this fetish lies on its “dirty” nature. There’s something taboo about it and that is why not everyone practices it. This very reason however, is what makes ATM so appealing to others.

What do you think about ass-to-mouth guys? Do you find ATM hot or not? Why or why not? What about those who have done it before, did you enjoy it? Are you going to do it again?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. renudepride says:

    Not necessarily appealing to me because of disease transmission but to each his own. Naked hugs!


  2. PDQ says:

    Ehhhh….not so much for me. I’ll happily suck your dick. I’ll enthusiastically toss your salad if you’d like. But once your dick is in MY ass, the LAST thing I want is for you to take it out!

    Once you’ve taken care of business then it sort of needs to come out. But I’m not suckin’ on it again until I’ve been able to lovingly clean it up for you and get it back in the mood to go for round 2.


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