28236153_193685981381886_92668492_n.jpgYou meet a guy, you both share a lot in common. He talk sweet nothings to you, you blush. Then he finds out you are practicing celibacy for a year or two and goes missing. Why when a man comes lusting hard, he goes ‘ghost’ on you when he can’t get to your body? The sad thing is most will try to get into your heart.

How do you deal with a man’s when his intentions are not pure? Especially if he wined and dined you, sent you copy and paste texts that he’s text chained other guys. How do you deal with this wolf in sheep’s clothing?

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  1. renudepride says:

    To approach it as an individual situation and seriously ask yourself: “Do I want sex with him?” If a one-night “romp-in-the-hay” doesn’t bother you or upset the moral structure of your universe, then follow your man into the bedroom and let him pound your buttocks as though it was the last night of life on earth! 🙂 Naked hugs, my blogging brother!

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  2. demonpete says:

    I’d love a naked hug

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