Get_LostSinger-songwriter Matt Palmer is getting ready to release his latest project: Get Lost, a visual EP.

The ambitious venture includes seven full-length music videos. Five have already been released — watch them here, starting with the first, Solo Act.

All of his videos reflect his authentic life as an openly gay black man. In his third one, Inevitably, he sidles up with YouTube personality Max Emerson on the streets of Los Angeles.

GSN has the first look at the sixth video, Giving Up My Love.

It’s a sentiment anyone can relate to — moving on from a bad relationship and someone toxic. The best part about Palmer’s take is that it’s empowering. A box of old things get discarded into fireworks and bursts of color, because it’s only the start of something new and exciting.

We’re finally seeing these stories being told

Palmer is a Los Angeles-based musician. His first EP, Stranger Than Fiction, came out in 2014. It was his first release as an openly gay artist.

It’s something he doesn’t take for granted — and also embraces the pride in it.

‘I am very proud to be an openly gay artist at this point in history,’ he told GSN.

‘People are finally recognizing the importance of seeing someone they can relate to in the media and, as a gay black man, I feel like our stories have gone untold for too long.’

It’s a common theme – the importance of seeing yourself in a piece of media. From Black Panther to Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn 99, and more, audiences have more opportunities than ever before to see representation.

Like many other artists, Palmer had influences growing up who helped shaped him.

‘My biggest influences musically are Mariah Carey, Babyface, Michael and Janet Jackson. I also love artists who have more of a dance influence like Craig David, Years & Years and MNEK,’ he said.

Now, though, he has an opportunity to become an influence himself, especially as a gay artist. In fact, it’s what he wants.

‘I absolutely hope queer youth see themselves reflected in my music and music videos. If one young queer person feels more confident in themselves after listening to my music or watching my videos, I know I’ve done my job!’


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  1. I feel is a very comfortable thing to be proud no matter what, but be proud with dignity. If I am Gay for example, I don’t feel it’s a bad thing to come out in public rather than hiding in your shell and receive the insults been thrown at you.


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