queer-eyes-karamo-wants-to-see-show-help-women-and-trans-people-780x405The biggest different between Queer Eye and its original, it’s there’s no ‘For The Straight Guy’ anymore.

This was explored in the Netflix reboot’s stand-out episode, when the Fab 5 helped AJ who struggled with coming out to his step-mom.

In an exclusive interview with Gay Star News, one of the Fab 5 is hoping the second season goes far beyond cis men.

Queer Eye cast would ‘love to help women and the trans community’


Karamo Brown, the culture expert, told GSN he would ‘love to help women and the trans community’.

‘I would love to help everyone,’ he said.

‘It’s 2018 and everyone could use some love from the Fab 5 if you ask me.’

Not only that, but he has his eye on one queer celeb he would love to add to the cast.

‘I would say actress and model Ruby Rose,’ he said. Ruby recently starred on Orange Is The New Black.

‘She is talented, full of life and stunning.

‘I think she would be able to partner with all of us and kickback off our skills.’


Second season?

While a second season of Queer Eye has not yet been confirmed, Karamo said he was ‘optimistic’.

Looking back, he said the reaction worldwide has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’.

‘I am so humbled by the thousand upon thousands of messages I get from people who love the show worldwide,’ Karamo said.

‘But what I think is most important is that people feel like the show is giving them hope for a better tomorrow.’

What does Karamo think of his Queer Eye castmates when he met them for the first time?

‘I thought Jonathan was one of the most handsome and funniest men I’ve ever seen in my life,’ he said.

‘Tan had the brightest smile and warmest energy. I thought I had met my white twin when I met Bobby… he is a mastermind and a hard worker.

‘And I thought Antoni had one of the kindest and most gentle souls. To be honest I thought I had met four guys who would be my best friends for life.’

‘I met four guys who would be my best friends for life.’


Karamo is working with Outright International, a group advocating for LGBTI human rights worldwide.

‘As an out television personality, it was important for me to partner with an organization I believe in and that’s doing the work in order to bring more awareness to their mission and they amazing work they do,’ he said.

‘I hope anyone who supports me will take 10 minutes out of their day to go to OutRight Action International to learn more about the organization and support it.’

 Queer Eye is available to watch on Netflix now.


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