I surf the internet hoping to find a hot young male who could qualify as my full-time lover and playmate (LTR). I am a Silver Daddy who likes the magnificent beauty of a young Adonis and I find a 30 year age spread to be hot! The eye candy appeal intoxicates me and my animal instincts rise up almost out of control. I selfishly want a hot young lover who can bottom and top with me—so the flipping will be fantastic! I want him to be my monogamous playmate and partner for years to come.

As a dominant bull, I want my young lover to perform mostly as a bottom, but I want him to top me occasionally so that I can enjoy his magnificent cock deep inside me. He must be physically fit and workout at a gym. He should be well-educated and capable of holding a meaningful conversation on more than the latest ball scores. I want his undivided attention 24/7 and in appreciation for his sex appeal and stamina to fuck and suck with lots of gusto, I will reward him financially with housing, living expenses, transportation and a spending allowance.

My search is sometimes discouraging become some twenty-somethings block my messages and blast me as a cradle snatcher or pervert. (They just don’t know what a bull cock I have.) I wish these guys would be kinder because I am sincere and want to satisfy my desires for a playmate while offering my playmate lots of benefits too. Sometimes I don’t even have an opportunity to plead my case before they cut me off, balls and all! They are so short-sighted.

How do I get younger men to play with me? 

Have you ever been in this situation?

 What are your thoughts?

 What advice would you give this person?

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  1. Kornelious says:

    Just wanted to say that you are very handsome and sexy and what you’ve said here is a turn on.


  2. Bennett says:

    with what u offering, shouldnt be hard to get a holla. U look fit, i like u already.


  3. Brand Steele says:

    I have been in this scenario a few times just on the opposite end of the spectrum. Based on the ideology you presented and previous experience I do understand why younger men would block you. Although I’m sure your intentions are well any thinking man, even inexperienced, will realize these types of arrangements are a bad idea.

    I believe some of the problems you have, based on what was stated, is that you objectify younger men. By that I mean look at them more like a fetish than a person. You expect a live in sex slave in exchange for basic material things. You expect 24-7 attention, and that can also be very toxic. Alot of guys find mature men very attractive however, to be with a younger man you have to consider that you’ve gotten to live your life so it would be disingenuous to not afford him the same opportunity.

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  4. Monroe says:

    As I understand you are guy who looking for other guy. I am not sure if that site is for guys but if you are looking for arrangement relationships there is site http://www.seekingarrangement.com. Its for sugar daddy and suggar baby. I am there but as I am not so active still didnt find anything there. I have some offers but I need a man who would I like because even for money I can not play games and show the love if I feel discusting. Even that kind of relationships is hard to find.


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