It’s Pride season, many of you will travel, some will have sex while traveling, so it brings me to ask you this question. Do you prefer knowing the guy you will have sex with or you prefer anon sex, with a stranger you will meet online or app?

For some people it is impossible to have sex with strangers. They need to know them a bit, at least by going on a date with them. For others what they like is the thrill of not knowing the person and have sex with strangers. But this latest option might also come with STDs….

So let me know, Anon Sex: Hot or Not?

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  1. renudepride says:

    From someone who’s happily and healthy having married a man that I had sex with BEFORE we even had our first date, my feeling is that it is entirely up to the two men involved. Some are attracted to the idea, others may prefer the more traditional approach. It is whatever works best for the both of them Naked hugs!

    BTW: please visit my site today. I nominated you for an award.

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  2. galby68 says:

    I agree, it’s up to the individual…but I find that has changed for me throughout my life. Anon sec or one night stands used to be fun *and* (probably more importantly) a validation of my younger self. In my current station, connections are more of a turn on than erections, so I’m not so inclined to indulge someone in that one-off capacity as often.


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