Finding a fuckbuddy, a hookup, making friends are all easier than finding love during pride month. Am I right?

To find love, not only you need to be attracted to the person physically, but also mentally and sometimes even spiritually!

During pride month, I feel it is even harder than any other time (depending on what you’re looking for in a relationship of course). However one would think that with all of us coming together to celebrate ourselves that it would be easier to find someone to eventually build something with, but that’s not the case.

What do you think about finding love during pride month? Do you believe in love during pride? Do you think you can find YOUR man? Have you found him yet?

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  1. galby68 says:

    Interesting and provocative perspective.
    I usually – until my literal 45th birthday, I routinely allow people to think I’m 40 – viewed Pride as a “target rich environment”, to quote the prophet Tom Cruise. I’d indulge in a celebratory one night stand…or three of them over the course of the weekend, just to spread the joy and celebrate Pride, as it were.
    I was atypically indiscriminate on Pride weekends in order to promote inclusiveness and really “celebrate the season”. It wasn’t like “slumping someone” to break a dry spell.
    In reading your post, I’m now thinking about what I call “Pride Gays”…people who don’t normally do bars and gay whatnot, but come out for Pride.
    I *really* don’t like them…mostly because of jealousy.
    However, I now see that where I may have seen a random Pride Gay as a potential love connection, more realistically it was just a volume of un-gettable guys muddying the waters for a real opportunity with an actual member of the gay community…
    That said, good luck to us all this month! Well, to those of us suffering in our singlehood! 😬


  2. renudepride says:

    Aaron and I met on May 31, just before pride month. When two people find each other, regardless of the month, then love is indeed a real possibility. Naked hugs!


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