Sometimes when I’m on social media apps and I see someone’s profile that I might be interested in and I say hello or a little more like “Hello there. How’s your day?” But then I get no response and after a while I see that he viewed my profile but didn’t have the courtesy to speak back. I find that kinda arrogant and mean’ spirited. Am I wrong for taking this type of behavior personal? I know that not everyone that speaks or say hello is out to screw or get screwed, nonetheless it seems to be common occurrence among gay men.

Are we too busy to answer politely that we are not interested? Are we afraid to hurt each other’s feeling? Do we care about hurting someone’s feeling?

Have you ever had to deal with this?

What are your thoughts?

What advice would you give this person?

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  1. galby68 says:

    Ugh. So much yes.
    I find this lack of civility on gay apps and websites so frustrating. It’s why I call them asocial media.
    When I call someone out on this type of behavior, I’m generally assaulted with the excuse that the guy is only there to hook up, so he doesn’t waste his time with niceties like responding to anyone he’s not in the mood to have sex with at that time.
    Ok, A) what a load of crap. B) sometimes I’m torn about whether being able to compartmentalize one’s needs in this fashion is an enviable trait or not. And, C) then I remember that it’s reducing other people simply as a means to justify our base sexual needs in such a selfish manner is a large part of why our gay community is so lacking in an actual “community” feeling.
    Keep on behaving respectfully toward others, whatever your agenda in the situation is and know that we can’t be responsible for people who fail to hold themselves to a similar social standard. 👍🏽🌈👌🏽


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