The top and bottom dichotomy is something we gay men are intimately aware of. It’s something that’s spawned a lot of biases and preconceived notions, some of which most gay guys believe in without thinking twice about it.

Do you guys believe that tops enjoy privileges that bottoms don’t? Do you think that tops expect too much from bottoms?

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  1. renudepride says:

    Excellent topic, my Bahama blogging buddy (BBB)! One that we should all think about periodically and discuss with our sexual partner(s). Do we really accord the “top” deference and a special license that we deny to others? Do we disregard the “bottom” as submissive and dismiss his expectations as unimportant? And in these interactions, where do the “versatiles” rate on the scales?

    In my own marriage, my spouse usually assumes one sexual position and I the other. However, we both respect one another and are careful to avoid anything that even comes close to stereotypical. Naked hugs!

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  2. PDQ says:

    During sex I worship my top. I do everything I can to pleasure him because when he’s revved up and ready to go, I know that I will be getting pleasure from his “exertions”. Now any other time, we’re equals. But when we’re having sex, I’m his submissive/bitch/boi or whatever he wants to call me and I am perfectly fine with that. It’s role play, just like wearing athletic gear, cop uniform or whatever else floats your boat.

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  3. galby68 says:

    I was thinking on this whole top/bottom topic the other day. What got me going was a memory from when I was a newly minted gay. Maybe it was just where I lived at the time, but people didn’t own their role as bottoms like they do now. I love how empowered the bottoms I meet are.
    I *really* love it! 😈

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