13615275_10209135081029411_2408329883794782466_nOnline sites are a huge part of dating today and so is creeping on social media, apparently. There’s no way our parents had to deal with the kind of games, nuances and unwritten rules of online dating we see today, but alas, that’s the way it goes. Nobody wants to come off as a creep (I hope) or to scare someone away, with that said, do you practice restraint before moving things over to social media?

What’s the big deal with adding someone on social media if you dig them? Waiting a little longer to friend someone on Facebook is probably not a bad idea if you want to be practice caution, but if you both are feeling it, why the hell not?

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  1. galby68 says:

    I’m always curious – and occasionally hopeful – about whether a random friend request or follow is an expression of romantic interest.
    Are they sending me some passive-aggressive signal that I should make a move? Yeah, I overthink things. Welcome to my head…

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