As society progresses, it seems that meeting men in bars is becoming more and more rare, and while many of us are too shy to approach a guy, when we don’t get approached often either, it can leave us at a frustrating impasse. Moreover it can be discouraging when you go out with friends and they get approached a few times in a night, leaving you alone on no man’s land.

How do you get pass the fear of rejection when you want to approach another man?

What advice can you offer to others in navigating this tricky landscape?

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  1. pacemindblog says:

    I need this advice in my life!!
    I am the super shy one 🙈 that won’t approach anyone.


  2. Lucas says:

    There is no easy way. A lot of Gay men tend be reserved and prefer being approached. That being said, I recommend if you’re near someone at the bar you find attractive, you could start a conversation by asking what they’re drinking, and you could also give them a compliment.

    Best of luck!


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