ThankYourHero-560x315HIV-Positive People Thank Their Everyday Heroes

MTV has come through with a video showing HIV-positive people thanking those who have helped them to live better lives.

According to NewNowNext, MTV created the below video of a group of young people who also happen to be living with HIV.

The video shows each person talking about someone who has advised them, listened to them, and comforted them when they discovered that they were HIV-postive.

“I was always taught to love others. But when I met Twiggy, she gave me the space to be able to love and value myself,” says one man during a scene. “She’s been someone that’s pushed me and challenged me. She’s read my for filth, but those are all reads with love.”

The video relays the message of how important an open ear, a warm hug, and a strong shoulder to cry on can be. Just having someone be there to talk to during a time of need can mean so much in such understated ways.

On top of that, this video is a promo for an upcoming Logo Channel documentary titled Quiet Heroes. The film will explore two lesbian health officials who supported AIDS patients during the crisis in Salt Lake City. In fact, they were some of the few health experts who would treat them.

That film will premiere on August 23, but in the meantime you can watch the short video down below.


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  1. renudepride says:

    Excellent! Thank you for posting this. An uplifting post for a Monday morning. Naked hugs!


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