men-with-condomFew would likely debate the findings of a new study from China and California looking closely at a link between loneliness, depression and high-risk sexual behavior.

The findings show a strong link between men having sex with men facing depression and loneliness and risk-taking among those who are HIV negative.

The study focused on 507 men in China. Of the men, 26.8% showed signs of depression, while 35.5% also claimed feelings of loneliness.

Many of those who claimed depression were also dealing with feelings of hopelessness and internalized homophobia.

Also discovered in the study: men who reported feelings of loneliness were also 67% more likely to engage in condom-less anal sex, also known as “barebacking.”

Bareback sex can increase the chance of HIV infection in either partner.

Additionally, men who have sex with men in China also faced significant rates of depression and loneliness, only increasing the possibility of risky sexual behavior and, therefore, higher rates of HIV transmission.

Study researchers concluded that attempts at HIV prevention must address the mental health needs of men having sex with men, including the need for both safe environments for social support as well as positive role models.


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  1. renudepride says:

    Great information that we all need awareness and keeping in mind. Thanks for publishing this here. Naked hugs!

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  2. Leland Martin says:

    The key factor is HOPE, and I’m not talking about the cliche phrase of Jesse Jackson. The bible says Hope deferred makes the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. That is true with any human whether you believe in God or not.

    Without hope, man also destroys themselves; they give up, they fall to vices. Even more so for the gay man. You see gay men seek a very unique hope not share by straight people. They seek hope in being accepted. They seek not to be condemned, hope of not being oppressed by humans of something they can’t change.

    Oppression and condemnation by others actually created the vice filled stereotypically gay culture of drugs, sex parties, and many immoral acts. Yes, I’m saying ignorant straight people cause the negative cultures of the stereotypical gay world. Teens get kicked out. Run away. Get involved in the wrong crowds. To support themselves they end up prostituting, selling drugs, etc.

    Depression is only the end result. Hopelessness is the root of the issue.
    Now to the basis for this article. These people are simply having repeated random sex because… now sex has to become the temporal gratification. Sex now becomes a drug. Sex is the alcohol, sex is the heroin. Sex is the fix. Consequently, sex is now that instant gratification that keeps you going because there is no hope that a normal loving relationship is any where near.

    Need proof? Just do a survey. All gay men that had acceptance from family and friends have a better chance of a more successful life and are more prone to be willing to find a loving partnership. They have HOPE. Whereas the person with hope will continue to struggle, not physically or career wise, etc. This is internal. No HOPE!


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