What is it with gay men and open relationships? Are they evidence that our relationships are as varied and individual as we are or proof that gay men have commitment issues? Should we live by our own rules and choices or are we greedy, selfish and promiscuous? And now that same sex couples can get married, are open relationships still valid or do they make a mockery of marriage?

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  1. Leland Martin says:

    his is garbage. All open relationships are on the same status, regardless of race. On their way out, over, cablisted, it’s over now, down right done. When any couple is bringing another piece of flesh to physically touch the man you supposedly love it sends powerful messages about where the two are with each other. If you love the man you say you do, you would seek ways to spice it up and keep the drive going with HIM. My experience from the many couples that I knew who tried this, eventually it was over. Why? When you do this you are saying something is missing and it can’t be resolved between the two of YOU. Why will it not last? Every incident I’ve known ended because one of the couple started getting feelings for the third party. Then the third starts meeting with one member of the couple separately. Then the other party gets jealous. Arguments set in, then POOF! It’s over. People try to make it seem like it’s this Carte Blanche exclusive chique boutique environment. Sorry, but it’s not. It’s a natural instinct for humans to experience jealousy. The jealous person should not be treated as a the weak one, the insecure one, the tripping one. It’s normal to feel jealous, and rightly so if the actual person you are devoted to is being aroused by a third, and worst better than you can provide – and worser it’s all right in your face. Dah!


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