41423884_2165029323720631_6125473466972897280_nWhen we co-habituate with others, it is important to make the effort to share the space in a way that supports everyone.

Our communities are our havens. These places where we come to rest, recharge, and dream in safety and comfort allow us to better face the challenges of the world outside. When sharing a space with others, an awareness of the thoughts and feelings of everyone involved is essential in creating the peace we all desire. Regardless of where we lived before, each time we commune with each other, it is important that we make the effort to share the space in a way that supports everyone.

We need to remember that in a shared space, everything we sense can also be sensed by another person. Peace will not likely be the result when the senses are filled with the sight of unwashed lies, intrusive energies, unpleasant personalities. But if we communicate and listen with respect to those with whom we share a space. Being thoughtful of the energy in our community makes for a better community. Sharing spaces with others can help us learn to mingle our energies at our home as well as at work and in the world at large in a way that benefits us and everyone around us.

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  1. renudepride says:

    So very true, not only in our communally shared space but in our interpersonal shared spaces as well. Thanks, man! Naked hugs!


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