A new survey out of the UK reveals startingly and disturbing opinions about consent.

The Family Planning Association (FPA), a sexual health charity, surveyed 2,003 people in the UK online between 24-29 August.

Results from the survey are here.

One of the biggest takeaways from the survey is that 47% people responded it’s OK to withdraw consent from sex even if you’re already naked.

Half of the people surveyed and those who responded, however, believe it is not OK to withdraw your permission if you’re naked.

The matter of withdrawing came up in another survey question. While the number is much lower, the answer is equally unnerving.

9% of all respondents believe it is not acceptable to withdraw consent under the following circumstances: they’ve been bought dinner or drinks, they’ve already kissed the other person, they are in a bedroom, or they’ve already had sex with that person.

Learning consent

The survey also revealed how people do — and do not — learn about consent.

Half of all respondents replied either negatively, or that they weren’t sure about being taught in school. A large majority, 86%, said they believe it is important schools teach consent, but only 12% said they learned this way.

Only 11% of young people aged 14-17 said they would discuss consent with a teacher.

Of this age range, 56% said they learn about it from a parent or carer. For young people slightly older (18-24), 45% said they learn from media.

It’s always OK to say no

‘It’s been encouraging to see the cultural shift in society over the past year, with calls for better understanding of and respect for consent,’ said Natika Halil, Chief Executive of the sexual health charity FPA.

‘But it’s really worrying that people of all ages think that it’s not OK to withdraw consent in a range of situations. It’s always OK to say no to sexual activity that you’re not comfortable with, whatever the situation – and is equally important to listen to and respect your partner if they want to stop.’


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  1. renudepride says:

    All of these statistics prove is that as far as for education and outreach, we, as a society, still have a struggle ahead of us. Naked hugs!


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