44023632_525956577850294_7212881782419488768_nMen are pretty much the same, gay straight, or something else. We generally love to eat, sleep, have sex (often), dislike seeing doctors and we avoid anything that gives us the feeling that we cannot care for ourselves. We like to feel that we are in control of our lives and bodies, we usually despise feelings of dependency or  vulnerability. But the reality that is as a sexual minority and when it comes to our health we are vulnerable and we need each other, in a very real way.

Many of will not have children to depend on as we age, and we will most likely be left in the care of others when we are physically unable to care for ourselves. What is even more concerning is that we, as gay men, are not generally listened to within the larger political and governmental establishments. This situation (a combination of being physically unable to care for ones self at any age, and being a stigmatized minority), is a ‘prefect storm’ for substandard care and a repeat of the victimization many of us experienced as we ‘came out’ and emerged as gay men in a sexually repressive society.

Regardless of our age and familial circumstances, we above many groups, need each other in a very basic and personal way when it comes to our health and how we are treated within the health care system.  So what your gay agenda when it comes to your health?

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  1. galby68 says:

    This has gone from something that been “on my mind” to something that is now “On My Mind” after this year’s milestone birthday.
    While I’m conceivably still “young enough” to have a child, with my luck I’d end up needing care sooner than planned and end up being taken care of by an 18 year old brat.
    So, that’s out.
    The reality is that I’ve still got a couple decades to go before I need to worry-worry about this…which gives me time to reach all caps status with this topic that’s peeking around the corners of my mind.

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