45585049_375058873233084_1991847523685236736_n.jpgPicture this scenario: You are @ a party with my boyfriend (you’ve been together for about 6 months) and at some point you notice him talking to another guy that you don’t know and they looked like they were really enjoying themselves. You go over and joined the conversation and it calms down. You don’t say anything to him about it, but it makes you realize that he gets along great with other guys when we’re out socially together. Do see that as a bad sign? Do you think this person can be a future cheater? Would you ask him to stop flirting with other guys?

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  1. galby68 says:

    Some guys are just flirty by default. If you trust him…no biggie. Maybe even try to initiate similar interactions between the two of you by studying how the guys he talks to behave and steal their thunder by striking first? 😈
    And if it escalates with him and these randos, find the twins in this picture and let them make you forget about him!

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