Many of HIV’s limitations are limitations that we impose on ourselves. The pool of available dating material, for instance, doesn’t have to be limited to only other HIV-positive partners. If you’re HIV-positive, sure, some  people will be frightened away by HIV, but there are HIV negative people out there willing to overlook an HIV status.

The chemistry that is the driving force behind love will run its course whether or not both partners are healthy and if someone is truly into you, HIV isn’t going to be a deal-breaker. It’s important to be cognizant of the realities of the disease, which are real, but a fulfilling love life is still attainable, even if you’re infected with HIV.  

So why not have a dating life? There doesn’t have to be limitations on your sex life and dating life. Most of those boundaries can be crossed with the help of modern technology and medicine. Further down the road, you even may want to start a family. Even if your partner is HIV negative. 

Do you think HIV positive persons should cut out all of the potential HIV-negative partners that can love them, infected with HIV or not?

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