48266621_207832163495116_6000242292319846400_nFew professions are as misunderstood, disparaged and infamous as that of the world’s oldest profession – sex work. Male sex work in particular, has its own unique challenges.

In reality, the profiles of male sex workers are nearly as varied those of their clients, encompassing a wide range of personalities, needs and lifestyle. Male sex workers still remain the targets of myriad, centuries old, ugly culturally ingrained myths.

Guys become prostitutes because they’re too dumb to get a “real job.”

They do it to support a drug habit.

They must be self-hating victims of sexual abuse. They have low self-esteem.

They are walking petri dishes of yet uncatalogued STDs.

Any of these sound familiar?

Do you think we can ever come to a place where we respect men that are sex workers?

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  1. renudepride says:

    The old adage: “Let the one free from prejudice cast the first stone” works in this situation. Good post, my friend! Naked hugs!


  2. Have had close friendships with several Male sex workers and found them to be just ordinary men, and compassionate and well educated (as they have to be!) who take care of their bodies and despite their outward attractiveness are often very lonely. I think this is a good post as they are generally misunderstood… I for one think highly of their skills, the hard work and the effort and professionalism exhibited, and they have my respect and unconditional friendship and support always.


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