48393086_439317099937095_5075337191253606400_nAge is but a number….OR IS IT? When older men are surfing for a playmate, he may encounter comments that seem rude or condescending, but sometimes can present a surprise, which can range from “interested” to “not interested.”

If you are an older male seeking playmates many years younger, your success rate will never be as high as when you are near their age. 

If the chemistry is right between two guys, a wide variety of potential playmates, lovers, and long-term relationships can flourish. As an older gay men do you come across younger gay men that are:

Desiring playmates within ten years of their age?

Looking for Sugar Daddies?

What are your experiences as older gay man reaching to a younger gay man for sex?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hezekiah says:

    Some say no thanks, some say you are older enough to be my grandfather. Then some say are you paying, or I charge


  2. Jay says:

    I have found that the younger guys really enjoy my presence and attention, but they’re just so preoccupied with smoking weed and barebacking, creampies and everything the porn industry is feeding them that sometimes it’s really a turn-off. HIV isn’t my only concern.


  3. galby68 says:

    I dated a guy for 4 years that is 18 years my junior. It was great fun, but early on, I made it clear that I wasn’t looking to date someone with no job and no ambition. He snapped to and got a job, later enrolling in and then graduating from culinary school.
    We were together 4 years, but I ended it when I realized he had grown/grown up with me as much as he could. I knew he needed to get out from my safe environment and experience the reality of the real gay world in order to complete his journey to becoming an adult.
    He’s a fantastic guy, we’re still great friends and text/visit each other often. His new boyfriend even respects our friendship and joins us on our adventures in food and wine!


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