49810416_2045950502151538_233917533986488320_nIf you look at some of the most popular gay blogs at the moment, you will most likely come across gossip and click bait with hundreds of thousands of followers and a gaggle of fans consistently commenting on their offering. One would thing that they’d be dealing with bloggers that speak out on issues from their point of view, gay men that you could look to for that important element needed for our movement in the community.

 However, that is very difficult to come by.

And though their blogs seem to reach millions of people, day by day, when are we going to admit that these are not authentic pieces of work being gifted to the world?

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  1. renudepride says:

    I think perhaps that we have to deal with so much shit in real lives every day that sometimes we look upon social media as an escape from reality. Naked hugs!

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  2. galby68 says:

    This reminds me of a frequent exchange between my best friend an me.
    Him: You’re too hard on people.
    Me: I don’t think people are hard enough on themselves!
    I agree with both you and Renzo.
    However, I think what you’re asking after is important. Especially because even if there were gay blogs with more driven, thoughtful and challenging content…would people follow them?
    I think “we” are so permissive with our escape that it’s created a near crippling selfishness. My social feeds are cluttered with “look at me” posts and “why can’t I find a boyfriend” posts. But not a lot of posts where people challenge themselves to actually be better and contribute to our wasting gay culture.
    Because for too long, it’s been better to look good than to actually be good.
    And now there’s filters to help perpetuate that mindset…


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