Turn the volume up to 11 because RuPaul’s Drag Race is back.

Season 11 is one of family and firsts.

Many drag queens have connections with previous stars, including two members from the Davenport family.

We’ll also see the first ever Muslim queen and the first ever Canadian queen compete.

But who will win the crown?

Take a look at the list:

A’keria Chanel Davenport

a'keria c. davenport

Meet The Ruler, as she also likes to call herself. This Texas queen may be pageant, she’s also got a lot of poise and polished looks.

A’keria counts Kennedy and Sahara among her drag family. Some of her titles include Miss Black Universe and Miss International Vogue.

Ariel Versace


Does anyone want to play dolls? Ariel calls herself New Jersey’s life-sized Bratz doll.

She’s an Instagram queen, with a lot of makeup tutorials. Think Kim Chi meets Miss Fame.

Brooke Lynn Hytes


This queen may have a pun name so good you can’t believe it’s not taken, but she’s got a lot of hidden depths.

Brooke Lynn Hyes is a ballet star, Drag Race’s first ever Canadian, and a fierce lip sync artist.

Honey Davenport


Honey is a massive name on the NYC drag scene. And while she might have the Davenport name, don’t be expecting typical pageant queen. Honey started off as a genderfuck performer, (also being known as Sir Honey Davenport) and is a rock singer.

Honey is the drag mother of Monét X Change.

Kahanna Montrese 

kahanna montrese

We’ve got another new queen with a famous connection. Kahanna is Coco Montrese’s drag daughter.

This Vegas queen is a professional dancer and regularly appears in numbers like Beyoncé and Janet Jackson.

Mercedes Iman Diamond


RuPaul’s Drag Race has cast its first Muslim queen.

This Minneapolis star specialises in making her own jewellery and has won a lot of local pageants.

Nina West


Campness personified. Because Nina West is so talented, and has worked with so many stars like Gaga and Adele, you’re surprised she hasn’t been on already.

If you’re one of the other girls, be nervous.

Plastique Tiara


Plastique serves feminine illusion, like a Farrah Moan or Courtney Act. She’s the youngest queen of the competition, but don’t count her out.

She’s part of Alyssa’s House of Edwards, she knows how to dance and makes her own wigs.

Ra’jah O’Hara 


While she might not have the Davenport name, A’keria Davenport considers her as a ‘big sis’.

She knows how to sew, she’s a painter, and has won several regional pageants in Texas.

Scarlet Envy


Scarlet calls herself the ‘cheapest woman with the highest price tag’.

This NYC queen studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and started to work as a queen not long after graduating. Expect androgynous high fashion drag.

Shuga Cain


The oldest girl in the cast, Shuga Cain describes herself as ‘just a latin boy in drag tyrna make it in this world’. Originally from California, she has won Bob The Drag Queen’s club competition Miss Look Queen.

This queen could be on Bake Off, as she bakes cakes professionally and in her spare time.

Silky Ganache

silky nutmeg ganache

This big girl is a cross between a friendly church lady and a pageant entertainer.

This piano-playing queen has competed in over 100 pageants.



Soju is a Chicago-born Korean queen that specialises in embracing her own loves.

She uses her black belt taekwondo skills to nail K-pop lip syncs. You’ll either love or hate how she does her lips.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo


Can you believe it’s been a year since the ‘Miss Vanjie’ meme went viral?

Since then, Miss Vanjie has become a fan favorite and probably has the coins and connections to match.

Yvie Oddly

yyvie oddly

This Denver queen likes to be outrageous.

Imagine a mix between season 1 star Nina Flowers, who she’s worked with, and Nina Bo’nina Brown, from season 9.


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