mailMy hookups go something like this, we talk on Grindr, he comes over, we get undressed and do the business.

‘Then the guy would make small talk as we both got dressed and leaves.

This makes me feel dirty and I even change the sheets and take a shower afterwards.

I brush my teeth and drink something that has tons of flavour to get rid of any taste whatsoever.

And then the next day I do it all over again.

Why do I feel such sadness, anxiety, agitation or aggression after sex.

Have you ever had to deal with this?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. galby68 says:

    Not enough people ask this question. So good on ya. Maybe some think it…but they don’t say it.
    I think that’s because hookup culture has become the norm.
    My guess is that somewhere in your psyche, you know this isn’t a life. It’s what you’re doing to distract from that fact.
    I don’t mean that harshly, so I hope you’re not offended.
    But I think your routine of eliminating all traces of what just happened is telling.
    We’ve all heard some couple’s story of how they met or what the first date was. That nostalgia is because they remember the first bonds and connections they created. The gays aren’t creation those bonds.
    My dating motto: connections over erections.
    Maybe it’s time for a Grindr break and to put some effort into meeting someone you want to remember. Just invest in the experience. I know you’ll meet flakey guys doing this and that’ll suck. But maybe you’ll meet someone and make a connection!

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  2. renudepride says:

    Residual guilt over any of our sexual actions are a sad result of our puritanical background as a nation and our WASPish upbringing as individuals. We all should “let it go” and move on with life. Naked hugs!


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