damon-wayans_1200x628_acf_croppedActor Damon Wayans Jr. has said sorry after past homophobic and transphobic tweets resurfaced.

The New Girl actor called the comments ‘hurtful’ and ‘offensive’ in a statement.

Apologizing, Damon said: ‘When I was a young comic trying to find my voice, I made some immature and hurtful tweets that I deeply regret at the expense of the LGBTQ community.’

The star used language such as ’t****y bitch’, ‘fags’ and ‘no homo’ on the social networking site between 2010 and 2011.

In 2016, he posted a tweet commenting on a fellow comic’s ’t****y getting shot bit.’ He also said ‘being on the road during the day sucks t****y balls.’

He also said in 2011: ‘‘Just has a REALLY good veggie burger! #nohomo.’

The tweets have since been deleted.

‘I am not excusing that behavior’

‘When I tweeted those comments, almost 10 years ago, I was unaware of the emotional impact they could have,’ he furthermore said in his statement,

‘I am not excusing that behavior but that is not who I am today. Society evolved and so have I and it is something I will continue to do both personally and professionally.’

Damon furthermore told Out that ‘continued learning, acceptance and thoughtful words are all important actions that will help make society a kinder and safer place for all people. You know better, you do better.’

The news follows a CW announcement attaching Damon to new show Glamorous, a drama about a gender-nonconforming high school grad.

Damon has also appeared in films like How To Be Single and Let’s Be Cops.


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