52630330_2072015402835808_830895375127674880_nIf you’d have told our great grandparents that one day we’d be exposing our genitals to strangers through a computer screen, they’d probably scream bloody murder. But this is sexual expression – and a career – in 2019.

 In fact, technology plays a huge – even pivotal – role in our modern sexualities; whether we’re taking photos of our naked selves on our smartphones, making amateur sex tapes for status-boosting fun, using apps to arrange casual sex, or simply watching porn on our laptops. How would we interact sexually if it all disappeared tomorrow?

 Technology aids teenage curiosity, evolves sex work, and refreshes our outlook and attitudes towards sex itself. Although bulky desktop PCs and sleazy chat rooms feel like light-years away, it’s always been this way.

 But there are darker sides to cyber exhibitionism. We can easily become addicted to technology and obsessed with how it makes us feel; frequently abusing it and replacing real connections. How do we get the balance right? Or are we too far down the rabbit hole already?

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  1. renudepride says:

    I don’t think there is a possible Uniform answer that is applicable to everyone. We each have to assess our own situation and develop our own strategies for solution. Naked hugs!


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