53219016_2290740934543314_9190688031516917760_nI’ve been dating a guy for a few months now and on Valentine’s Day, he’s hinted at us making a video. And not the G-rated either. Truthfully, I have mixed feelings about it. I mean I trust him but can you really ever trust anyone? Now he’s upset with me for not doing and said that I don’t trust him.

Am I a bad boyfriend for not wanting to do this?

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  1. Ebers says:

    Absolutely not!! It’s your right not to do that if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. And that means always no matter how long you know him. If he doesn’t understand or keeps being pushy, its time to move forward.

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  2. galby68 says:

    Nope. He’s a bad boyfriend for not taking no for an answer.


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