58420229_377192672879759_1040234550740910080_nWhen we start dating someone, we slowly work our way into their life. Yet when we breakup we often try to quickly rip ourselves out completely, and this can create even more pain and unneeded discomfort. We think that we need to act on our current pain and focus only on making it stop right away — disregarding the possibility of keeping that person in our lives. One way to maintain a healthy relationship is through sex with an ex.

If you don’t trust your ex or if they are abusive, you should completely terminate the relationship. But what about those with healthy exes who realize a longer-term romantic relationship just isn’t right, but the sex is still good?

What are your thoughts about sex with an ex?

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  1. renudepride says:

    It happens and as the two men involved are both comfortable with the new conditions and both agree on the new quality, what is there to consider. More power and joy to them both! Naked hugs!


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