04-eagle-new-years-eve-matt-baumeDespite the vital role that bars have played throughout the modern LGBTQ movement, each year seems to bring more news of gay bars closing.

But why?

Is it that gay bars (and gayborhoods in general) are simply victims of the gay movement’s political success?

It is that LGBTQ people have gained greater acceptance from their families, coworkers and society at large, so they feel less of a need to cloister themselves with other queer people in gay bars & clubs?

 Do you think many of us opt to drinking & socializing at home with friends?

Can we place some blame on the ‘Netflix & Chill’ activities? 

Do you think the fact that people don’t have to go to gay bars to see a drag show, because they’re getting their drag at home has affected club life? 

What about social apps, while some men undoubtedly feel more comfortable meeting others digitally, is it unreasonable to blame apps in the decline of the gay bar scene?

What do you think is causing the demise of the gay bar & club scene?

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  1. Hanse Bidon says:

    I think it is all listed above; I remember coming out in the 90s and going out for the first time.
    I was amazed of all the different varieties of gay men. Getting inviting to parties and socializing; feeling like a community. I was also able to learn about gay struggles, adversities and successes. It gave me a sense of community. It helped me to hone my social skills as well. I met my first boyfriend at a club/bar. With the introduction of social media and a more tolerable society; bars has been sacrifice as a result. Apps has replace the art of meeting up at the club/bar; social skills has been lost and I think the sense of community is lost. So there is no loyalty or appreciation of the gay bars/clubs


  2. Damon says:

    All The above is the reason the club scene has died in the gay community.


  3. Damon says:

    All The above is the reason the club scene has died in the gay community. No one wants to spend high prices for drinks a venue.


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