black-teens-prom-formal-steven-van-284793-unsplash2-2019-05-12_22-04-00_356723-e1557699064841LGBTQ teens in South Carolina were honored by the surrounding community with a Queer Prom.

LBGTQ-inclusive and supportive group We Are Family recently hosted a Queer Prom in Charleston. The “Enchanted” themed event, in which students were invited to dress however they liked, was held at the Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, according to local news source Live 5 News WCSC.

The organization later shared that the free event is important as some prom events don’t allow same-sex couples to buy couple tickets and other schools expect girls to wear dresses and boys to wear tuxedos.

“We know that some gay, lesbian, transgender and gender expansive youth don’t fit these molds when it comes to self-expression,” a statement from the group read. “Additionally, many students are bullied in school and have to be home-schooled, so they miss their prom, or maybe their prom experience through their school is not so LGBT-affirming.”

In addition to creating a safe space for the students, the Charleston Queer Prom provided students with food by a professional chef, non-alcoholic “mocktails,” crafts, and an “Enchanted”-themed rainbow forest.

The fourth installment of the annual event was open to all middle school and high school students (no matter their sexuality or gender-identity). In order to keep the event free, the organization held donations to help fund all of the above-mentioned amenities.

This is just one of the several programs held by We Are Family in support of LGBTQ Youth. According to the group’s official website, the organization’s mission is:

“To provide direct support, leadership development opportunities, and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex (LGBTQQI), and straight ally youth up to the age of 25.”

The site adds, “Our vision is that LGBTQQI and straight ally youth feel empowered to find their places in the world in their families, and their communities.”


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  1. renudepride says:

    Congratulations to a community that recognizes the needs of youth who often are unable to participate in events that appeal to their age group. Thanks for posting this here. Naked hugs!


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