Some things you just learn with age, so I know what I would tell my younger self about navigating the world of dating men, how about you?

What words of wisdom would impart to your younger self? 

Don’t stay up late online looking for a hookup?

Don’t be shy, you can totally have him?

Confidence! Cultivate it, fake it, whatever. Stop apologizing for being who you are or where you’re at in life?

Be single for a while and learn who you are. Listen to those gut feelings, and when someone shows you who they are, listen?

Trying to convert straight guys is useless activity?

Don’t date closeted men?”

Put your efforts into studies, work and social life, and good things will happen eventually. Don’t worry and don’t hurry?

Place yourself first because trying to please others won’t work?

Relax, breathe, and let yourself enjoy the moment?

Don’t automatically invest everything into a guy when he has yet to show any real interest?

Don’t sell yourself short/take sh*t from anyone. Also don’t try to change yourself just so someone will like you. It’s difficult but be as true to yourself as possible?

Don’t be so afraid of rejection, and put yourself out there. Smile and say hello to anyone you find attractive. No one is ‘out of your league?

You’re allowed to have standards. Don’t waste your time with very questionable people just because they give you attention?

Don’t overthink things, the vast majority of first dates and hookups aren’t going to lead to anything serious, and that’s OK if you just enjoy them for what they are?

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