61837216_938270869873850_6578420322872066048_n.jpgFrom the begin of June to the end, corporations will be selling brightly colored rainbow items just in time for Pride Month. What do you think about all the businesses selling swag that yells “GAY RIGHTS” at us?

Do you find such pride merchandise rooted in frightening complacency that lacks sensitivity & contextualized understanding of who are beyond pride season?

As consumers, we are engulfed by “limited-edition” rainbow products that, at best, send a portion of the proceeds to a charity or noteworthy cause. We’re surrounded by “inclusive” items that can be seen as tone-deaf or half-hearted efforts.

Do you think TRUE advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community could ever extend beyond a sponsored mixer, rainbow logos, or well wishes? I believe that if companies want to tout themselves as allies to the community, they MUST respect the historical significance of Pride marches and empower meaningful action.

By nature, Pride events are spaces in which everyone is welcome including brands and I recognize that the Pride events will likely never get less commercial, but can brands make a concerted effort to be more thoughtful? As one of the many lenses through which people view the world, brands have a unique opportunity to take a stand and make a meaningful impact this Pride Month (and year round), how can we get them to do that? How do we get them to ally with us beyond the fun stuff?

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