Sunny-Hostin-768x497The View host Sunny Hostin couldn’t sit back and take criticism from a Catholic bishop about Pride.

During the daytime talk show’s Pride special yesterday (3 June), the lawyer, journalist and social commentator responded to Bishop Thomas Tobin.

The bishop said Catholics should not support Pride month activities because they ‘promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Catholic faith and morals.’

He also claimed: ‘They are especially harmful for children.’

But Hostin strongly disagreed.

She said she and her kids have no qualms about celebrating Pride month.

Hostin then added: ‘My faith always taught me “What would Jesus do?” I know Jesus would be attending that pride parade. I also know that God is love and Jesus is love and Love is love.’

The View celebrates Pride

Sunny Hostin didn’t stop there.

She also said: ‘For a Catholic bishop to come out and say something like that given the history of pedophilia in the Catholic Church, given what the Catholic Church has hidden about the abuse of children, some would say that being at a Pride parade would be much safer for a child than it has been to be in a Catholic Church for many years.’

Hostin then revealed she’s felt conflicted about being part of the Catholic church in recent years, due to the abuse scandals.

‘I almost left the Catholic Church because of what has happened,’ she said.

During yesterday’s show, the panel also spoke about the hypocrisy of President Donald Trump tweeting his support of LGBT Pride Month, yet banning transgender troops from serving in the military.

The panel urged everyone to remember what Donald Trump tweets during the next election.


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