4795fb46b7a67651c8de28e1304780f1But we can know, given our reaction to love – a very positive reaction – that love is what motivated all of creation. You may doubt this, but I can tell you this: you can search the entire universe and you will not find happiness and fulfillment without love. Love is not only the most powerful force in the universe, it is the attractive force that holds the universe together and that gives rise to consciousness. It is literally true that you were fashioned from love. Were it not for love you would not be here. There would be no purpose to life.


….so being love is not hard. It is your natural state, it is the womb from which you arose….it is your mother and father….it is what gave you life. To honor life you simply have to choose to be who you truly are, divorced from all the layers of mental content you believe to be you…the mental content – name, birthplace, race, title, etc. etc. – is  the small you; some call it the ego, or the little “me”. 


You are big, vast! You are love….be that and everything in life you desire will flow to you with the greatest ease….it’s that simple and that profound….some have asked me how to be spiritual, and how to live a balanced life. The answer is simple: be love. That’s all you need to know. That’s the entire story….everything else is just details.

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