ShaunTDadShaun T is letting us get a glimpse of his life as a father of twins.

When he’s not working as one of the most famous fitness trainers out today, or dealing with angry mom organizations for appearing on a magazine with his husband and two kids, Shaun T is dealing with the trials and triumphs of fatherhood.

In his book T Is For Transformation, Shaun T discusses “7 Superpowers” that help him conquer life and fitness. But now that he’s become a father, he’s tweaked that list to practice four “super dad” powers.

Writing for Men’s Health, Shaun T shared that reformatted list and explained how his kids are teaching him every day. The first power on the list is the power of change. The celebrated fitness trainer shares that having kids means adjusting your life around them. Even better, upgrade your life to be the best example you want to present for your children.

“Make your kids part of the best life you want to lead, and they’ll match or beat it when they grow up,” wrote Shaun T. “If I want to be a good dad and husband and keep my work going and still play tennis, I need to be more efficient.”

The second power is to become comfortable and familiar with your close family. You want to anticipate anything that can come your way. From baby drama to checking in with your partner and seeing if they need a break/brief rest from parenthood. All of this is to make the household a more stable and happy place.


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