61852990_427930901337987_8050592381587685376_nMany gay men seriously love their dicks. From girth to texture, shape to smell, the majority love to view their penis as a work of art. Hold the applause. The near-universal acceptance of manscaping has encouraged us to perform meticulous upkeep on our genitals. But just because you know your way around a body trimmer doesn’t make you an expert on penis maintenance.

Grooming your penis like a stud requires more than a quick rinse and trim around the hedges. A lack of TLC can turn things ugly down there.

Obviously, appearance is just as important as cleanliness. And some guys continue to struggle with certain visual aspects of their privates, size in particular. So, if you’re looking to make a jaw-dropping impression next time you drop-trou, learn to improve the overall appearance and health of your dick by taking these few cues:


An uncircumcised penis requires daily cleaning as the foreskin can cause accumulation of old skin and debris. The foreskin should be retracted and the entire area cleaned. The foreskin should then be placed back over the penis. General etiquette mandates that the penis in general be kept clean and odor-free. Some men also like to perform a certain amount of manscaping to tame pubic hair growth.


Daily cleansing for a circumcised penis is equally as important as an uncircumcised penis. Washing daily with soap and water is a good method for this. The main difference between cleansing a circumcised and uncircumcised penis is that there’s no need to pull back the foreskin considering the head of the penis is already exposed.

Wash It First

Familiar with the condition known as smegma? What about dick cheese? Yep, I figured that would ring a bell. Smegma is a substance made up of dead skin cells and oils that develops under the foreskin of the penis. It bears the resemblance of a thick, cheesy film strip and smells god awful. And there’s your PSA on mandatory penis cleansing.

Moisturize Your Package

Dryness. Flaking. Itchiness. The skin around your genitals isn’t immune to any of these skin ailments. Therefore, it goes without saying that your package requires daily moisturizing, but in small doses. Keeping your balls and penis hydrated and well-nourished with vitamins and minerals will improve skin elasticity, while improving sensitivity for better sexual pleasure.

Pare Your Pubes

Certain men love them some bush around the branch. Others not so much. If we’re going based on market research, then the stats suggest your odds of impressing him are high when having less grass on the lawn.

Smoothen The Bumpy Road

Ever noticed those small bumps on your foreskin? That can be anything from a cyst to ingrown hairs. Penis skin can become clogged due to bacteria and excessive sweat. Other factors responsible for these bumpy blemishes include hormonal changes, rough sex, and the masturbation “death grip.”

Consider gentle forms of exfoliation to smoothen out the landscape. I stress gentle because the slightest bit of roughness with a wash cloth or your hands can desensitize your penis. Not to mention crush blood vessels underneath the skin. If not that, then look into well-formulated products that free ingrown hairs.

Never Underestimate A Good Diet

Surprise, surprise. What you eat also affects the skin wrapped around your magic wand. A healthy, nutritious diet will feed your junk the nutrients it needs to improve skin and sexual health, maybe even add an inch or two. You’ll want to consume foods rich in fatty acids and protein such as avocados, chicken, eggs, oats, veggies, and yes, nuts (no pun intended). Add olive oil to your meals to better facilitate a healthier appearance by reducing wrinkles and all other signs of anti-aging.

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  1. renudepride says:

    Both my spouse and myself prefer ourselves and one another naturally hairy. Neither one of us has ever shaved or trimmed any of our body hair! Naked hugs!


  2. Kelvin says:

    It will be awesome if you can bring back this post afresh again….


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