67806251_2465210023770493_6930822406688735232_nWe all have glorious imperfections making us utterly human.

At many points in our lives there will come times when we feel insecure about ourselves & communities. We might judge our ability to do something or feel self-conscious about the way we some make us look. It does not matter how this feeling manifests in our life, but it is important to be aware of our thoughts and how they impact our view of ourselves. Once we remember that insecurities are a normal part of life for everyone even those who appear to be extremely self-assured–we may find it easier to step back from the uncertainty that lies within and take a more realistic look at things.

The desire to improve & better ourselves is a natural response that arises when we begin to compare our lives to those of other people. It might seem, for example, that we do not have nearly as much going for us as our best friend, or the guy that seems to get everyone’s attention. In truth, what we think we see about another person is usually what they want us to notice. They may be putting on a mask, trying to make things in their lives seem better than they are. If we were to look at their lives a little more closely, we would also realize that they are human, full of glorious imperfections that make them who they are. Recognizing this may take some time at first. Should we, however, feel our uncertainties begin to surface, taking deep breaths while at the same time acknowledging each one of our gifts will help us become more centered. Doing this allows us to see the wonders that lie within and lets our inner
beauty shine forth into the world all the more brightly.

When we hold up such a detailed mirror to our lives and weigh ourselves against others, we are not able to see the things that make us truly unique. Giving ourselves permission to appreciate all the things our communities have given us, this will make us feel more secure about ourselves and more able to use our gifts to their fullest.

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  1. renudepride says:

    Excellent work, my friend! Naked hugs!


  2. rayaustinke says:

    Reblogged this on Ray Austin Ke and commented:
    This is awesome.


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