67626147_2315562321994238_802862145061519360_n.jpgEveryone in the queer community knows it’s not easy to be different. It’s more than who we love or how we identify. It’s about how we look, what we wear, what labels we identify as and just generally if we fit into society’s rules. Even in the midst of the LGBTQ alphabet soup, one group that gets overlooked a lot is asexuals.

So asexuals deal with a lot of the same frustrating things other members of the queer community face. They get erased by mainstream culture. They get told they just haven’t met the right partner yet. Sometimes they’re even told it’s impossible for them to exist. That’s a lot of painful baggage to deal with. Then everything gets even more complicated when it comes to dating. After all, asexual people don’t exclusively date other ace people. How do you think you’d find a balance between desires & respect when dating someone who is asexual? 

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  1. renudepride says:

    Probably the same as dealing and dating other men. Communicating. Find out what he is seeking in a relationship and then share your reason for dating. Give it some thought and if the man is attractive and pleasing, continue the dating! Naked hugs!


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