Many of us have lived our lives through various identities. Pretending to be hetero, for instance, out of safety concerns while trying to figure out who we are and overcome our own internalized homophobia.

 As time progressed, we learned that much of the discourse received from other hetero males growing up wasn’t by choice as much as it was by conditioning and design. Many were taught to separate themselves using a pecking order so that they can assimilate and thus ascend into the various places society takes them.

Today, many of us are “accepted” and we work with others in breaking down the internalized discrimination that forces us to separate one’s identity from their humanity. Still I can’t but ask, which comes first, our humanity or our sexuality?

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  1. renudepride says:

    It probably depends on where we are at a particular moment in our own lives. But I do feel that our humanity is of the greatest importance. Naked hugs!


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