bob-billy02x750.jpgIt’s tens across the board for this hilarious “Basic Ball” sketch from HBO’s new comedy A Black Lady Sketch Show. Ever wonder what a Pose-style ball for the non-fabulous would look like? Wonder no more! Perfectly channeling Billy Porter’s Pray Tell, Bob the Drag Queen emcees a ball. The sketch, parodizing the categories found in the ballroom scene such as “face,” “body,” “sex siren,” or “butch queen,” showcases hilariously humdrum versions of it like “clinical depression,” “barbecue daddies,” “running errands,” and “just awkward in the body.” Instead of donning the aspirational fashions typical of 1980s underground ball culture, the contestants in this sad affair walk the floor in neutral colors, ironic cookout aprons, and family reunion T-shirts.

Bob the Drag Queen’s emcee asks for for “Eeyore in Dior,” “chemical-imbalanced realness,” and anyone who is otherwise “basic as fuck” — and he gets a veritable parade of human misery in return: Robin Thede, who created and stars in A Black Lady Sketch Show, serves “a whole nap” in the depression category by collapsing on the ground and entering “full deep REM sleep.” The contestants in the “running errands” category twirl receipts and act like they bumped into their boss in the outside world. But it’s the “awkward in the body” category that truly steals the show with a perfect demonstration of “We-both-said-goodbye-but now-we’re-walking-in-the-same-direction awkwardness.”

Judges, your scores?

A Black Lady Sketch Show airs Fridays on HBO at 11 PM.


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  1. renudepride says:

    A very good recommendation for a terrific entertaining and superlative way to “end the day!” Thank you! Naked hugs!


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