68673763_1203307196666912_1624441710354366464_nShiny Penny Syndrome occurs when you’re dating a man that can’t keep his eyes off someone else. Like, how dare you have kissable lips and abs that it is distracting my boyfriend? The problem in the gay community is that there’s always someone hotter, younger and fitter.

Modern dating only adheres to that notion. We fuck without names, we date without genuine intentions and we often opt for the easier option (because the grass is always greener, right?) And very often men believe they can do better. Y’all wanna fuck with horses when you can have a unicorn?! Madness.

And while this may make the future of dating sound bleak, it does offer reasoning as to why men will just bounce in and out of your life so quickly. If he suddenly goes cold on you, before spending hours, days, even weeks beating yourself up and wondering what went wrong, just remember that it could be something as simple as a shiny penny spreading their legs a little quicker, and stealing yo’ man from beneath you.

The fact that we’ve become a sea of sexually active profiles searching for love and lust and everything else our body can handle, means that anonymity is more common. There’s little anyone can do to change the tide of dating, apart from knowing that having something more to offer than a sparkly distraction, will attract somebody far more genuine. Someone that’ll realise a shiny penny doesn’t have shit on a diamond.


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  1. galby68 says:

    I call those guys Queens of the Better Offer.


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